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"Will we let ourselves be destroyed in our turn without a struggle, give up our homes, our country bequeathed to us by the Great Spirit, the graves of our dead and everything that is dear and sacred to us? I know you will cry with me, ‘Never! Never!’”

The Shawnee Tecumseh

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“From here on out, I aim to kill every injun that crosses my path, so help me God,” swore Lewis Wetzel.

While the American Revolution brought freedom from the tyranny of British rule, for the American indigenous tribes, 1776 marked the beginning of years of conflict that imperiled their existence. 

The Warriors tells the true story of the Ohio Valley tribes who defended their land and way of life from encroaching settlers. When White Eagle was ruthlessly murdered, his son, Knotche, rounded up warriors from various tribes for a scalping expedition to avenge his death. They encountered a scrappy, young boy, Lewis Wetzel. They spared his life with plans to adopt him to add to their declining warrior numbers. Little did they know that they would create one of the most memorable and complicated characters in American history.

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The Warriors Part 2: The Continental Army's Western District and The Warriors Part 3, George Washington's Northwest Indian Wars will be available on Amazon or ordered from your local bookstore in January 2021.


Norbert Aubrey was determined to find a gold coin near his home in the redwoods perhaps lost by a logger a hundred and fifty years ago in a time of no banks, he read an old story about the founders of a small town to the north. The Greenwood brothers hunted elk, bear and deer to feed the loggers. Their father, old Caleb Greenwood, was a remnant of the Rocky Mountain fur traders. The Rocky Mountain fur trade became part of American lore after the Lewis and Clark expedition opened up a whole new world west of the Mississippi River, describing a land full of the highly sought-after beaver in a land where "nobody" lived - except the indigenous people who had been living there for generations.  Not long before then, the dividing line between the American frontier settlements and Indian territory had been the Appalachian Mountains, where the The Warriors trilogy takes place. This historical fiction series, The Warriors, explores those early times in American history and attempts to shine a more accurate light on the plight of the American natives, starting with the Revolutionary War, as they attempt to defend their land and way of life from the Europeans invaders.

Graduated from Ohio University. Norbert enjoys meditating and martial arts.

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